A Day In The Life of A Provisional Psychologist in Private Practice

A Day In The Life of A Provisional Psychologist in Private Practice

Each day for a Provisional Psychologist in Private Practice includes a range of exciting and different activities and tasks. These include

  • client-related activities
  • admin work
  • resource development for both marketing and clients
  • group therapy development and more!


Daily Schedule

My daily schedule can vary quite a bit, made up of a variety of the tasks listed below. A typical schedule, however, is:

Main routine

  • I get to the practice at 8am on most mornings, water my succulents, turn my diffuser on and get to work! these mornings include planning for that day’s sessions, following up with clients over the phone or email and developing therapeutic resources for my clients.
  • I will then see my clients for their individual or group sessions. These sessions may be face to face, through Zoom, or even over the phone.
  • After lunch with the rest of the team, I take some time to finalise any notes I have, then take some more time to plan for my next few clients for that day.
  • Once I have seen all my clients for the day, which is normally around 2:30pm, I often treat myself to a tea of coffee and get started on some other work (I’ve listed these below!).

    Other Tasks

    • Developing marketing resources for the social media pages on my favourite online platform – Canva. These posts include general marketing for The Psych Professionals, daily quotes, or specific services we are currently providing.
    • I develop “strategy posts” which are social media posts that include strategies such as mindfulness and grounding techniques. These posts allow our clients and the community to access guided strategies, inspiration and affirmations that they can access outside their appointment times. I also write and record step-by-step instructions on how to engage in these strategies for clients to listen and follow along.
    • Working on blogs is something I also love doing for The Psych Professionals‘ website. I cover anything from “Fostering Concentration in your Children” to “Tips to Help Struggling Students with Self-Esteem”. These can be based on my professional experiences, or research I undertake.
    • We are always looking at new ways to support our clients and one of those is providing online group therapy. This takes a lot more work than you think, including planning the content for each session, developing slides, resources and homework tasks. Don’t forget the recording and editing of those sessions too!
    • IF I have time (which I often don’t!) I may spend some time researching and developing therapeutic resources for my clients, which could be anywhere from recording grounding technique videos, or cutting and pasting coping cards for my kiddos.


Perks of the job

Some afternoons also include Peer Supervision. This is where we meet as clinicians to discuss how we can improve the quality of the services we provide and ensure we are supporting each client as best we can. This is an incredible learning experience for me as a Provisional Psychologist as I get to learn from all of our incredible clinicians at TPP.

Thanks for joining us at a typical day at The Psych Professionals for a Provisional Psychologist. If you are interested in joining The Psych Professionals team, take a look at our available positions or express your interest on our Join Our Team page. We are always wanting to chat with passionate clinicians who are excited about providing client centred and best practice care for their clients and the community and who are about helping people to LIVE THE LIFE THEY DESERVE!


Written by Provisional Psychologist Behice Kara. Behice is a registered Provisional Psychologist with the Psychology board of Australia who completed her undergraduate and Honours studies at Griffith University. To learn more about Behice, check out her bio here.


Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash