Dealing with Anxiety – Without the use of Drugs

Below are 15 tips to help you deal with anxiety without the use of drugs.

Tip 1

Meditate in a quite room. Meditation is simple, free, easy and proven to reduce anxiety and enhance health.Dealing with Anxiety - Managing Anxiety without drugs

Tip 2

Avoid news before you sleep. You can get the news in the morning. Get plenty of sleep, coffee in moderation (avoid coffee after 2pm, as caffeine can have a shelf life of 10 hours)

Tip 3

Exercise – this is a great way to defuse anxieties. The more active you are the better.

Tip 4

Learn to breathe. Step: 1 Inhale for four seconds, step 2: hold breath for two seconds, step 3: exhale for six seconds and repeat 4 times morning and night daily. This is our favourite 🙂

Tip 5

Need support? Ask what you would do to support a friend in this situation? Then do it for yourself.

Tip 6

Anxiety is a good teacher—do your homework, accept the challenge of exposure, then you will be rewarded.

Tip 7

Stand in a superman/women pose and speak to your anxiety like a school principle might to an 8-year-old bully.

Tip 8

The mind needs care: get plenty of sleep, avoid stimulants that can worsen anxiety and exercise regularly.

Tip 9

Think of every outcome of your future fear. Focus on the positive outcomes you think of.

Tip 10

Mindfulness: calm your anxiety naturally by reading and practicing mindfulness.

Tip 11

Take it easy with anxiety—to take it hard is too tiring!

Tip 12

Worrying is just healing imagery in reverse. Use your creativity to visualise positive outcomes.

Tip 13

Accept the reality of your situation and start taking care of what matters to you. Focus on action.

Tip 14

Excessive anxiety feels like work but gets nothing done. Substitute effective action for worry.

Tip 15

You want to escape…slow the pounding of your heart by closing your eyes…now breathe deep.

Remember that Anxiety is a normal human emotion.  Sometimes, however, it becomes like a good friend that has overstayed its welcome and it might be hard to put it back in its place.  If you need help with conquering your Anxiety, our experienced team of Psychologists provide specific anxiety counselling. Contact us at The Psych Professionals now and start taking action to getting your life back.