Ever wondered what happens during that first session with a Psychologist?

“So you’ve been referred to see a psychologist but you just can’t seem to get yourself to make and also attend that very first appointment.”

What is the first session with a psychologist like?

“My name is Gerda Muller and I’m a Clinical Psychologist with The Psych Professionals. Many people actually find it really hard to make and also attend that very first appointment with a psychologist. What I’d like to do today is to give you some information about what to expect at that first appointment. most of the time that’s why people find it so hard to actually attend—because they really don’t know what to expect.

Generally, when you make that first appointment you will be asked to come in five to ten minutes early so you can complete some paperwork for us. At your appointment time, your psychologist will come out and meet you in the waiting room and will introduce him or herself to you. Your psychologist will then take you through to the consulting room. The psychologist will then discuss with you how confidentiality works. After that, the two of you will start talking about what it is that has brought you to counselling.

Finding out what has been happening lately

So the very first session is really all about finding out what has been happening lately, and for the psychologist really to put together a plan—a treatment plan—that will work best for you. And if you aren’t sure as to what information to share don’t worry! The psychologist will ask guiding questions to ensure that he or she gets all the information that they need.

The Psych Professionals

What is the First Session With a Psychologist Like?Here at The Psych Professionals, all of that is done within a safe, relaxed and confidential environment. Our friendly reception team and our highly skilled psychologists are passionate about making you feel as comfortable as possible at that very first appointment—and all subsequent appointments for that matter. So go ahead, ring one of our reception team members and book that first appointment.  Alternatively, you can also complete our make an appointment form on our website and somebody will call you back and assist you in scheduling that very first appointment.


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