Why celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD)?  

#IWD is all about celebrating womens achievements, and standing up for greater equality between men and women. As a matter of formality, lets discuss why the world needs to recongnise International Womens Day (just in case you need some convincing).  

Are women paid the same as men?

Did you know that there is still a huge pay gap between men and women in Australia? In fact – the gap is GROWING, sitting at a 20-year high of 19.9% ! (in Australia, November 2014).

As well as facing this discrimination in income, women are also often overlooked for higher management positions, with women in only 26.1% of Key Management Positions, and 17.3% of CEO positions.  

What about the treatment of women at home?

The inequality and poor treatment of women extends further than the workplace, in to the home. Domestic violence against women appears to STILL be on the RISE in Australia, despite being at the forefront of conversation for months.

Women’s rights advocate Rosie Batty has been leading the charge in discussions about violence against women, winning the 2015 Australian of the Year award for her outstanding efforts. However, early figures are unbelievably, showing that almost TWO women PER WEEK have died as a result of domestic violence already in 2015 – This is almost DOUBLE the figures from 2014, already (see below for links to data).  

So, I can safely assume that armed with the above information, you are eager to start celebrating International Womens Days! Need some ideas on how to go about that?  This year’s IWD theme is “Make It Happen”.

Here are 3 ideas for women to embrace and MAKE HAPPEN for yourself and the women in your life.


1.  Financial Independence

Relying on others for finances is sometimes a necessity in life – but it can also lead to unhealthy relationships and dependence on others, whether that is family member, spouse or friend. Make it a part of your goals that you are going to seek some financial advice to determine what you can do to gain more #financialindependence!


2.  Empower yourself and each other

Too often women get caught up in bringing ourselves down and other women down. This type of attitude keeps women from advancing in all sorts of areas. Make an effort this year to build yourself up! See for ideas on how you can empower yourself and others!


3.  Make yourself a ‘Dear Me’ video message

The #DearMe trend was started by YouTube to encourage it’s users to celebrate IWD with a message to their younger self. Video a message to your younger self – encourage her, tell her how strong and resilient she is, how much she has to learn and how she will overcome her daily battles. Tell her about the things that you have learned to be important, and those that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Need inspiration?

See msnbc host Abby Huntsman’s #DearMe video here:    


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Links to resources / further info

More information about International Womens Day can be found here:  


Statistical data on gender pay gap can be found here:  


Information on domestic violence figures here:  


For more information about Rosie Batty and her foundation see:  



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