As famous psychologist and family therapist Paul Watzlawick stated: ‘One cannot not communicate’. Communication is critical if you want to enjoy successful relationships and it predicts our ability to resolve conflicts privately and in our professional life. Yet, miscommunication and misunderstandings are very common.

 Brisbane Psychologist, Marriage Counselling, Couple Counselling

Learn more about the art of having positive dialogue in our Effective Communication Group!

This educational training is filled with practical and simple tools and exercises designed to strengthen your communication skills.

What content will be covered in the Communication Skills Training?

During this highly interactive training you will amongst others learn about:

  • your personal communication style
  • ways of managing your body language
  • communication traps and how to overcome them
  • how to have positive interpersonal interactions
  • art of questioning
  • active listening skills
  • how to have tough conversations

Who can attend the group?

The group is open to couples and individuals who would like to enrich their communication styles and use them to form meaningful interpersonal relationships. 

When: The duration of the course is usually 5 sessions with a possibility to extend on demand.

Location: The Psych Professionals Loganholme or Capalaba

Cost: $50 per session

If you are interested phone PH: (07) 3801 1772 or Email: for Loganholme or PH: 3823 2230 or Email: for Capalaba in order to register your expression of interest and to find out more.