Ben has always had an interest in learning about human behaviour. Throughout his time studying psychology at University, this interest developed into a passion for wanting to help others, particularly in regard to supporting children and adolescents to discover their own potential.


Ben has spent the last three years working in community mental health to support the needs of children, adolescents and young people. Clinical work has always enveloped a strong client-centred approach for Ben, tailoring specific therapeutic skills and interventions for each and every child to assist with their own goals and desires.


Ben’s experiences include conducting initial assessments and delivering therapeutic interventions, including individual sessions and parental support. When working with clients, Ben sees children and adolescents who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, behavioural issues, interpersonal challenges and school refusal, as well as experience working with clients with ASD (Level 1), ADHD and Conduct Disorders. In addition to this, Ben also supports his clients to develop emotional regulation, communication and conflict resolution skills.


Ben places great importance on a collaborative approach to therapy, ensuring parents remain involved in their children’s treatment, while continuing to empower the child to reach their full potential. He believes autonomy is of the utmost importance for sessions to ensure the child continues to feel in control of their own treatment and engaged in the process to achieve their goals.


Breaking down the barriers to help-seeking is incredibly important for Ben and he has a specific interest in working with young males. It is important for Ben to focus on creating a safe and comfortable space for each child and their families during their time with him.


Through a desire to create systemic and long-lasting change, Ben works with his clients to support them to develop lifelong skills that will not only assist them in the immediate future, but also support them to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life.


Ben has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons I) with the University of Queensland and is registered with The Psychology Board of Australia as a Provisional Psychologist.



To learn more about Ben or to book an appointment, contact our Capalaba practice here or by calling 07 3823 2230.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Behaviours concerns
  • School refusal
  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • Private Pay




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