Rose Martinovic


Rose has always had a passion for helping and listening to others. Ever since she was young, others commented on her ability to be present in the moment with a person. This led her to a career in Psychology where she strives to impart a positive impact on the mental health of the community through her clients.


Rose has a passion for working with adolescents, right through to older adults. She supports her clients through giving them the tools they need to combat eating disorders, body image concerns and substance use disorders. She is also experienced with supporting mood disorders, LGBTQIA+ and trauma clients.


Rose has a client based therapy approach which includes tailoring techniques and a therapeutic plan to suit each client. This includes regular check in’s to evaluate what is and isn’t working, using different techniques and creating a safe space to ensure the therapy is as effective as possible.


Rose is motivated by the courage of her clients. She has the belief that people are more resilient than they give themselves credit for. Seeing her clients realise their strengths and using them as a tool to better their quality of life motivates her to continue her work.


Rose is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.


What can you expect from a first session with Rose?

Your first session with Rose is all about getting to know each other. In this time, Rose will begin to gauge an understanding of what may have brought you to the session. If you are comfortable, this may include questions about your life, daily routine or anything that may be bothering you. Rose likes to make clear that therapy is a two way street. Meaning, constructive criticism is always welcome and she will regularly check in with you on what may or may not be working.



A first session with an adolescent client may be a little different to further sessions. A parent or guardian may sit in on the first 10-15 minutes of the session. This is to gauge an understanding of how both parties are feeling before beginning a one on one session. However, confidentiality between the client and therapist remains in tact at all times.



Rose’s special interest areas are eating disorders, body image issues and substance use.

Eating disorders:

An eating disorder can be identified as a preoccupation with how your body looks and your food intake. Some symptoms may include;

  • Heavily restricting food intake to lose weight
  • Exercising excessively to lose weight, using laxatives, making self vomit
  • Eating a large amount of food and feeling no control on when to stop
  • Not eating in public
  • Obsessive body checking
  • Withdrawing from friends and family

Rose has always had passion for working with eating disorders and body image issues. She completed her Masters with a thesis on eating behaviours in men and wants to continue this subject in her PHD studies. Rose believes that with a commitment to therapy, there are many ways to help combat an eating disorder, build healthy habits and live your best life to the fullest.

Substance Use:

Substance use disorder involves too much use of alcohol or other drugs that results in negative effects on your life, relationships and health.

Many substances and illicit substances are addictive and some symptoms may include:

  • Inability to stop using
  • Amount consumed is increasing
  • Use is affecting work and family relationships
  • Financial concerns as a result of using
  • Problems with the law
  • Friends and family members expressing concern


Having spent placement in a rehabilitation facility, Rose has developed a passion for helping clients with substance use issues. She believes that all of her clients have a chance at living a better life and there is always hope for change with a little hard work and commitment.


If you are looking to help a loved one who you feel may be struggling, it is important to be non-judgmental. Try not to shame any of their behaviour or force control but be supportive of new, healthy habits.


Rose understands that the thought of therapy can be uncomfortable and she will always work to create a safe and comfortable space for her clients. Therapy can be challenging but Rose is a big believer that everyone has more strengths than they know- and these strengths can be used to prevent potential relapses and improve your quality of life. 


If you are looking to book in with Rose, contact The Psych Professionals on 07 3801 1772 or contact us via our online form here.

  • Eating Disorders
  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Medicare (Better Access / Mental Health Care Plan)
  • Medicare (Chronic Disease Self-Management)
  • Private Health
  • Private Pay
  • Psychological Therapies 

BPsychSc (Hons) and MPsych (Clin)



Monday 2:30pm to 9:00pm

Tuesday 2:30pm to 9:00pm

Wednesday 2:30pm to 9:00pm

Saturday 10:00am to 4:30pm