Sara Carrio

Student Provisional Psychologist

Sara is a Provisional Psychologist and is currently completing her advanced training with The Psych Professionals. Sara will be working with The Psych Professionals until the end of December 2020 and will be assisting to conduct a research project to support clients on the practice’s waitlist.


From a young age, Sara has always had a passion for psychology and this has only deepened through her studies. She is especially motivated through providing her clients and the community with necessary skills to cope through the stress of everyday life. Her ultimate goal is to support clients to thrive independently to live their best fulfilling life.


During Sara’s time at The Psych Professionals she will be assisting to develop a research project to manage the practice’s waitlist. Sara has seen the current delay in access to immediate mental health support and is passionate about changing this. The aim of the research project is to ensure all clients are able to be supported and cared for, regardless of their wait times to see a psychologist.

How can I get support from a Provisional Psychologist?

The first step to receiving support from Sara is to acquire a referral, this may be self-refer or from a health practitioner such as a GP. Once this has been received there will be an immediate intake assessment from Sara.


What is an Intake Assessment with a Student Provisional Psychologist and how does it work?

An intake assessment is an appointment with Provisional Psychologist, Sara. During this appointment, Sara will begin to build an understanding of what difficulties you have been experiencing, your goals and what you hope to gain from seeking support.


Sara will also help determine if our services are appropriate for you. If our services are deemed not appropriate, we will support you in finding a suitable service.


If our services are deemed appropriate, Sara will suggest a session plan. This is customised and sessions may occur fortnightly or weekly, depending on the needs of the client. The purpose of these sessions are to provide support and develop skills to cope with current struggles or help with future formal psychological intervention.


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