Stephanie Wellington


Stephanie is the Accounts Officer at The Psych Professional who has in accounts of some form for more than 25 years. From banking, media and communications, to plumbing and sewing machines, she now finds herself in the field of psychology! For Stephanie, this has been the most rewarding position so far, knowing she is contributing to helping people each day.

The biggest parts of Stephanie’s role are payroll (including superannuation and tax), paying bills and making sure the accounts are paid. She also prepares reports and assists with financial planning. Stephanie finds her role especially challenging with the recent high demand on services. COVID has really thrown a spanner in the works!

Stephanie really enjoys working at The Psych Professionals. The office is full of warm and friendly people, who are always looking out for each other and willing to help. Stephanie is lucky to have the most flexible role in the office, working behind the scenes.

Why does she do this job?

She’s kind of good at it.

It fits in with her busy life – between kids, husband, their own business, and just life in general. She likes it. She likes working behind the scenes and supporting her colleagues. We have a great group of people in our office.



Monday – Thursday 8am-2pm