Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Stress Management Techniques to Manage Chronic Pain


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based Stress Management is best known for managing symptoms associated with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. They are the most know and evidence based strategy and you are likely to so some CBT Stress Management at your regular visit to the Psychologist.


What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is a well knows mode of therapy which focuses on how our thoughts impact our behaviour. In CBT therapy, your therapist will support you to identify the thoughts that are resulting in the negative behaviours. Whether these be avoiding social situations, increasing stress or causing conflict at home or at work. Your therapist will then support you to identify and then replace these negative thoughts with more helpful thoughts, which result in a different, more positive behaviour. The two biggest components of CBT are learning the techniques and then doing them!


How CBT Stress Management Can Help to Manage Chronic Pain

CBT can be incredibly useful in assisting those with chronic pain, as these conditions are common among those who experience regular and persistent pain, injury and physical limitations. In order to prevent and reduce the effects of pain on these areas of life, psychological pain management may be necessary. Such treatment would focus on:

  • Developing  relaxation techniques– these relaxation techniques can be very beneficial to those with pain. We focus on training clients in diaphragmatic breathing, autogenic relaxation as well as progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Sleep hygiene– an adequate amount of sleep every night can help to reduce depression, anxiety, and episodes of pain.  Clients with chronic pain often present with sleep issues.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices – including motivational support and encouragement to exercise.
  • Identifying good support systems– this support system may consist of family, a few close friends, or linking in with local support groups. These support systems are especially helpful in preventing depression, anxiety, and in improving general mental health.

By focusing on the way we THINK about pain, we can then work to change the way we DO things, thereby reducing stress and the symptoms of anxiety and depression associated with chronic pain.

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