Child and Adolescent Therapy

Supporting your child


The Psych Professionals have experienced child and adolescent clinicians to support your child through any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Our team work with you, your child and any other parties (schools, other allied health professionals etc) to best provide your child with a treatment program to support them to thrive. We support you and your child to develop skills and strategies to manage symptoms, learn about and communicate their emotions and change behaviour.

Common Counselling Issues

Your child will work with an experienced Child and Adolescent Psychologist who can provide counselling, assessment and diagnostic services to children and adolescents.

Our child, teenage and adolescent interventions may focus upon:

  • NAdjustment Disorder (e.g. following separation and divorce)
  • NAnger Management
  • NAnxiety and Stress
  • NAttention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • NAbuse
  • NBehavioural Disorders (Oppositional Defiance, Conduct Disorder, etc)
  • NCoping with bullying
  • NDepression
  • NFears and phobias
  • NGrief and Loss
  • NLearning Difficulties
  • NParenting
  • NPost-traumatic Stress (Trauma)
  • NSocial Skills

Counselling Therapies Available

The psychologists implement a range of child-friendly techniques which focus upon each child’s area of need and may include: Play Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Social Skills Training, and Parenting Skills.

Cognative Behaviour Therapy

Our clinicians utilise Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to support you and your child to learn more about their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. CBT work on breaking down unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours and rebuilding positive and helpful thought patterns and behaviours.

Play Therapy

Our experienced clinicians utilise Play Therapy in sessions with your child to support them to feel safe and to facilitate a more natural mode of expression. Using play therapy, your child will be able to express themselves, communicate and practice new skills developed during therapy.


Mindfulness can support your child to learn and practice mindfulness techniques. These techniques support your child to slow down, be more aware of their thoughts, feelings and surroundings and assist in obtaining and maintaining focus. Mindfulness can also support your child to manage stress and negative thought patterns

Social Skills Training

To facilitate social skills training, our clinicians work with your child to identify and develop practical skills to support their interaction with others. Social skills training can be completed in one on one sessions and in groups and involves working with children to develop their communication skills, problem solving skills, listening skills, conflict management and decision making.

Parenting Skills

Supporting a child who is distressed can be difficult. Our team will work with you to develop new skills or refine old ones, to support your child while they are learning through the therapeutic process. Your clinician will work with you and involve you in the process of therapy, so your child is able to implement strategies learned in therapy and take these into real world situations.

Do contact The Psych Professionals to discuss any further questions you may have regarding our child and adolescent services. We aim to find the child psychologist with the best fit for your child’s or teenagers needs.

Child Group Therapy Options

You may want to start with individual sessions and we can then recommend group sessions if appropriate. Or you may want to start off with a group session.

Diagnostic Services

The Psych Professionals also has the ability to provide Diagnostic Services for children, teens and adolescents regarding learning and cognitive ability (intelligence), ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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