Who Are We?

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Our Story

The Psych Professionals (Capalaba) – a group psychology private practice – was established in 2010 by our Clinical Director, Gerda Muller, consisting of only two team members. Since then it has grown with leaps and bounds to now include a team of ten (4 staff and 6 clinicians).

Following migration from South Africa in 2005 and following extensive experience obtained working across a variety of settings (including public, private and community-based) Gerda Muller founded The Psych Professionals, YourPsychOnline.com and Private Practice Success Australia. Gerda is a Clinical Psychologist and holds Clinical Endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia and Medicare.


The Psych Professionals vision is to help more people in better, more effective ways through actively advocating for mental health, reducing stigma and re-imagining how we, as a community, look at wellness. We want to do this in a way that inspires, awakens passion and empowers our community to put themselves and their mental health first. We want to provide a space to educate and connect people, providing them with information, strategies, inspiration and support to assist them on their journey to wellness.

Our Values

The Psych Professionals are a values driven practice. We operate with our values underpinning everything we do, our clinical practice our contact with our clients and how we interact with and respond to each other.

Radiate Energy

The Psych Professionals pride ourselves on being able to radiate the right energy in everything we do. We radiate the passion for our work, we use our energy to support out clients, grounding them and providing them with a safe and secure space for therapy.

We are mindful of how we are feeling as individuals and the impact of our energy on the people around us. In this way, we are able to support our clients to be aware of and impact their own energy.

Stand Out

We want to stand out for the right reasons. For our exceptional customer service, our high-quality care, our incredible team environment and our beautiful office spaces.

Everything about us is carefully curated to ensure our team, our clients and the community experience an efficient and supportive service that genuinely cares about its people.

Step Up

We take accountability. We recognise when we make mistakes and we fix these. We are constantly looking to grow and seek feedback from our people to make sure we are growing in the RIGHT areas.

We also recognise and highlight when our team or our clients do well. We celebrate innovation, creativity, diversity and success, stepping up to make sure each person’s experience of our service is as close to the best as it can be.

Be Brave

The Psych Professionals’ main aim is to create a safe space where our clients can be brave to do the work they need, to get the most out of therapy. Our team embodies bravery by being curious, constantly being open to learning and growth and consistently working towards a feedback-informed culture of transparency and honesty.

Love It

Ultimately, we do what we do, because we want our clients to live lives they love. We want our team to be in roles they love and we want to re-educate the community about mental health so there is more love and support in the world.



Winner of the Professional Services Award at the 2019 Logan Business Distinction Awards

2018 Allied Health Adult Private Practice Excellence

Winners of Adult Allied Health Practice Excellence Award - National Allied Health Awards 2018

2018 Allied Health paediatric Private Practice Excellence

The Psych Professionals was a finalist for the Paediatric Allied Health Excellence Award at the Australian Allied Health Awards


In 2015, The Psych Professionals became the first ever private practice to win the Queensland Mental Health Achievement Award in the Category Small

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