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The Psych Professionals’ qualified staff have years of experience providing relationship counselling to people facing difficulties in their relationship or no longer relating to their partner.

Relationships can be amazingly life affirming when they are going well, and a major source of stress and angst when they’re not. Never are we more exposed emotionally and required to trust someone as much as when we’re in a relationship. And when we feel mistreated or undervalued, we can start to doubt ourselves. We may even question whether we are good enough, lovable, attractive, etc.

Relationship counselling can help solve any issues you are currently facing, even those that feel insurmountable or like ‘deal-breakers’, including betrayal, infidelity, and deep hurt.

Counselling is a cathartic process that leads to resolution and healing.


Counselling During a Relationship

Relationships provide us with unparalleled love and comfort, but even the healthiest relationship can also be a source of pain. Relationships take us out of our comfort zones, push our boundaries and encourage us to learn and grow as individuals.

Counselling helps you identify the causes of your pain; for example, unfulfilled desires, unmet needs and expectations, and misunderstandings. It shines a light on the unhealthy patterns that cause negative feelings and gives you strategies to break these patterns and rebuild a loving relationship.

Relationships can also trigger latent issues related to your parents and your past relationships. Some people carry these issues around for years, even decades, without realising they exist. Counselling helps bring these issues out into the open and allows you to work through them in a safe and nurturing environment.


Abusive Relationships

Unfortunately, some relationships are extremely unhealthy or abusive. If you are in an abusive relationship (physically, emotionally or both), counselling can help you to value yourself and gain the strength to end the relationship. After the relationship, counselling can help you rebuild your self-worth and confidence.


Counselling After a Relationship Ends

When a relationship ends it can feel like your whole world is crumbling around you. Counselling acknowledges the immediate emotions you are feeling, but also helps you to see the relationship in the larger context of your life—past, present and future.

Counselling can also help prevent a downward spiral of anxiety and depression and self-loathing that sometimes occurs after the break-up of a marriage or meaningful relationship.

Post-relationship counselling helps ensure you:

  • don’t carry unhealthy or negative opinions about yourself or your ex-partner into your future relationships, tainting their chance of success
  • break unhealthy patterns
  • understand what went wrong and why
  • remain open to the possibility of love.

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