Paw-fessional Greeter



Paw-fessional Greeter

Name: Teddy

Age: 3 years

Breed: Golden Retriever

Woof woof! Hi, I’m Teddy, the friendliest and furriest golden retriever around! I may be just 3 years old in dog years, but I’ve got a lot of tail-wagging experiences to share with you, hence my position here at The Psych Professionals as the Official Paw-Fessional Greeter!

I love going for long walks in the park, chasing after tennis balls, and, of course, belly rubs! My tail wags at the speed of light when I see a friendly human face, I especially love kids and playing tag and statues. I’m known for my goofy antics, my incredible smile and my never-ending appetite for treats.

I’m very energetic, and am currently practicing being around people and having boundaries, prior to my training as a Therapy Dog. I’m always eager to please and will do anything for a tasty treat or a pat on the head.

I’ve got a heart of gold (well, they call me a “golden” retriever for a reason, right?), and I’m always here to offer a paw to lean on. Whether it’s providing comfort when you’re feeling down or bringing joy to your day, I’m your go-to furry friend.

So, let’s embark on this doggone fascinating journey of psychology together, shall we? Woof! 🐾


Special Interest Areas

  • Creating Joy
  • Being cuddled
  • Very fast
  • Tail Wagging