10 Benefits of Telehealth Psychology Services

Benefits of Psychology Telehealth Services

Many of us are familiar with accessing services through telehealth (either phone or video), thanks to COVID. But did you know that Telehealth is not only still alive and well, but now booming? And why wouldn’t it be?!

Telehealth provides the community with increased accessibility and the opportunity to prioritise their mental health, without all the difficulties of navigating additional time off, parking, and the logistics of getting to and from appointments. This coupled with the fact that people often have enough anxiety about attending therapy, continues to make telehealth the go-to option.  

10 Benefits of Telehealth


There are several benefits of telehealth psychology, including:

  1. Increased access to mental health care: Telehealth psychology services make it easier for individuals to access mental health care, particularly those who live in rural or remote areas, have mobility issues, or have transportation challenges.
  2. Convenience: Telehealth sessions can be conducted from the comfort of one’s home, reducing the time and effort required to attend in-person appointments.
  3. Privacy: Telehealth sessions are conducted over secure video conferencing or messaging platforms, providing a level of privacy that may not be possible in traditional in-person sessions.
  4. Flexibility: Telehealth services can be more flexible than traditional in-person appointments, allowing for appointments outside of typical office hours or in situations where one may not be able to leave their home.
  5. Cost-effective: Telehealth psychology services may be more cost effective than traditional in-person appointments, as they eliminate the need for travel costs and reduce overhead expenses for providers.
  6. Increased comfort: Some individuals may feel more comfortable and less anxious in their own environment, which can lead to more productive therapy sessions.
  7. Increased accessibility to care: Telehealth psychology services can connect individuals with mental health care providers who may not be located in their local area. This is particularly important where you are looking for a clinician with experience in a particular area or therapeutic modality.

Telehealth psychology services offer a convenient, effective, flexible, and accessible way to access mental health care.

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