Cognitive behaviour therapy CBT

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is an established and effective form of psychotherapy. As the name suggests, CBT focuses on your thoughts and perceptions (cognition), as well as behaviours.

The Psych Professionals have many highly trained therapists with years of experience who can help you if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or a range of other psychological issues. See below for a list of issues that can be treated with CBT.

How cognitive behaviour therapy works

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) looks at the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviour, and how this creates unhealthy cycles. CBT seeks to break these patterns by shining a light on the cause/s of your issues and giving you strategies to change way you think, feel and act.

What does cognitive behaviour therapy treat?

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) can be used to treat a range of issues, including:

What are the benefits of cognitive behaviour therapy?

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) has been widely researched and tested. It has been proven to work effectively for a vast majority of people for a variety of conditions and problems.

CBT helps you to recognise the difference between healthy and unhealthy thinking patterns, how to let go of unnecessary worries, and how to solve problems in your life. It does so by giving you real tools and strategies you can implement in your life right away to help you cope with any current problems as well as give you a blueprint for dealing with any future issues.

CBT encourages and empowers you to make real change in your life for your own mental health and general wellness.

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The Psych Professionals are a trusted local business with years of experience treating patients using CBT methods, with excellent results.

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You don’t have to suffer alone in silence; countless people around the world have sought help for psychological issues and benefited from CBT. This likely includes many people you know, although they may never talk about it.

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