How to Book your Telehealth Psychology Session

Accessing psychology through either video or phone is a huge time saver and can make prioritising your mental health and wellness a breeze. But how to you actually do it? And what is involved? 

We have pulled together all the information to show you how easy it is to not only book your session with a highly experienced psychologist, but to also access telehealth psychology services

Telehealth psychology sessions are conducted over video conferencing software or other forms of digital communication technology, instead of in-person meetings. The process typically works in the following steps:


Scheduling the appointment

‘The first step is to schedule an appointment with a registered psychologist who offers telehealth services. The appointment time and date are agreed upon by the your and the therapist (or their reception team). At The Psych Professionals this process involvese our specially trained triage officer chatting to you about what it is you need from your therapy. They will obtain basic information from you (such as your personal details, presenting issues and brief goals) to make sure they are able to match you with the most appropriate psychologist. Following this, they check the best date and time for you and book in the session (Yes! It’s that easy!) You will receive a confirmation email with all the details. You are also able to book and pay for your session directly though our website, and our team will be in touch with you to ensure you are prepared for your session. 


Confirming the technology

At the time your session is booked the technology will be confirmed with you that will be used for the telehealth session. This could be video conferencing software, phone calls, or messaging platforms.


Conducting the session

The actual telehealth session is conducted as if it were an in-person session. Your psychologist will provide a private and confidential setting, where the you can discuss your concerns, thoughts, and feelings. 


Ensuring privacy

Telehealth platforms must ensure privacy and security. Here at The Psych Professionals, each of our clients has their own unique telehealth video link, to ensure confidentiality and privacy. You can also take additional steps to ensure privacy, such as using headphones, using a private room, or using a virtual background.

It’s important to note that the exact process may vary depending on the therapist and the platform used for the telehealth session. However, the process generally follows the steps above, ensuring a safe, private, and effective way for patients to receive psychological support.


To learn more about telehealth or to book your appointment, contact our Client Relationships Team here or call us on 07 3801 1772.

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