Why so Blue? Autism Awareness Month


April is Autism Awareness Month globally and Autism Queensland has officially launched their “Go Blue for Autism” campaign in order raise funds and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a lifelong developmental disability that affects one in 100 Australians.


Firstly a recap on what Autism is….

Autism is a lifelong condition, which becomes noticeable in early childhood, affecting the brain’s growth and development. Every person with ASD is different to another and has their own way of seeing the world, which makes them interesting and unique. Some of the challenges people with ASD may experience includes:

  • Challenges with communication and interacting with others
  • Repetitive and different behaviours, moving their bodies in different ways
  • Very strong interests in one topic or subject
  • Unusual reactions to what they see, hear, smell, touch or taste
  • Preference for routines and dislike change

Many people with ASD have wonderful strengths and offer unique ways of seeing the world which is hugely beneficial to our society. However, many individuals are also adversely affected and may experience social isolation, bullying, other mental health conditions (such as anxiety and depression), unemployment, and increased risk for homelessness.

Community support and funding is essential to increase awareness and provide individuals with ASD access to important services. Which is why Autism Queensland campaigns heavily for us to “Go Blue for Autism”.


What can you do?

Autism Queensland have provided a number of ideas of what you can do to show your support this month:

  • Host a Go Blue for Autism day and dressing in blue, wearing a blue wig, decorating your school/office/home in blue and collecting a gold coin donation for each participant;
  • Purchase Go Blue for Autism / Autism Queensland merchandise;
  • Making a donation to Autism Queensland
  • Creating your own Everyday Hero fundraising page
  • Baking blue cupcakes and donating the proceeds to Autism Queensland;
  • Adding a Go Blue Twibbon to your Facebook page or changing your photo blue;
  • Liking the Autism Queensland “Go Blue for Autism” Facebook page, and share with your friends;
  • Display posters and selling merchandise at your school, club or business to raise funds and increase Autism awareness;
  • Link to www.autismqld.com.au as a resource for further information about Autism.

All funds raised through Go Blue for Autism will help Autism Queensland provide education and support services for children and adults living with autism. For further information – https://www.goblueforautism.com.au/